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A New Dimension to Interiors

How virtual reality and 3D-printing are changing how we make a house our home.

To bring a three-dimensional idea to life, we humans tend to sketch a two-dimensional prototype. Initially, we scrawled on the walls of caves. Then, with the advent of the printing press, we began translating our ideas on paper. Over the last decade, computers have finally ma

Tilt Brush enables you to “paint” in three-dimensional space with a wide variety of colors, brushes, and textures. To scale, rotate, and walk around your work. To import 3D models into it. Even to sync your images with music. Indeed, with Tilt Brush, you can create an entire world from the virtual ground up.

Google’s Tilt Brush in action.

This past August, indie-rock band Ball Park Music, unveiled the first (though certainly not the last) music video made with Tilt Brush. It featured visually drawn lyrics that pulse with the beat, colorful laser beams, and all manner of trippy scenes. “As someone who’s spent a lot of time in virtual reality and Tilt Brush,” director Jaymis Loveday explained on Reddit, “the piece is kind of exciting, but not mindblowing. For people who don’t VR, their brains have been unilaterally melted.”

Even though the environment you create in Tilt Brush only exists through the lens of an HTC Vive virtual reality headset, a new wave of 3D authoring tools with real-world applications are already hitting the market.

Released last October, the Paint 3D app for Windows 10 empowers the masses to create in 3D and share the results across PCs, smartphones, tablets, and the HoloLens — Microsoft’s “mixed reality” holographic visor that enables you to overlay digital 3D content onto the physical world. When it comes to re-imagining your home, the possibilities are literally endless. Say you’ve been thinking about changing the color of a pendant light in your foyer from white to black. Simply scan the white fixture, upload it, paint it black, don your HoloLens, and “install” the digital version in your actual foyer. If you like what you see, export your creation to a 3D printer. In other words, you can now make it real.

A real-time demo displays Paint 3D’s capabilities.

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“It’s going to be more intuitive than simply sketching on paper,” Sosanya promises. “We will democratize the design process.”

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